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2024 Home Décor Trends: Blending Old and New, Celebrating Color and Comfort

Looking ahead to 2024, home décor trends are all about blending the old with the new, celebrating color, and prioritizing comfort. Challenging traditional norms and allowing for deeply personal and unconventional spaces. It's all about creating a home that truly reflects you!

The desire for elegant homes remains strong, with the trend of old money aesthetic continuing to make its mark. Imagine nostalgic and collected interiors that prioritize craftsmanship, quality, and originality. It's a celebration of time-honored luxury at its finest. Vintage case goods and wood cabinets add character and charm. Warm and medium wood tones are now more popular than the previous grey and light woods. Break away from conventional walls with murals, wallpaper, paneling, and venetian plaster for depth and visual interest.


Another notable trend making a resurgence is romanticism. At the core of this trend lies the sentiments of love and peace and a profound appreciation for life's simple pleasures. Florals and botanical-inspired prints bring a touch of romantic whimsy. Essential are colours that stir emotions, like the delicate blush of dusty rose, the gentle tones of soft blues and violets, and soothing shades of sage green. Subtle details like pleated lamp shades, fringed pillows, delicate fabrics and fresh flowers create a sense of romantic warmth in every room.

a flat lay featuring soft greens and pink with delicate finishes and patterns


In 2024, we are also rediscovering the power of colour. Saturating rooms is the way to go, as accent walls are becoming dated. Embrace the boldness of colour and let it transform your space into a true expression of your personality. Rich, yet muted jewel tones, deep moody colours, and even pastels will infuse personality into our homes. The era of boring white on white and grey tones is slowly fading, making way for the comeback of beige in softer hues like mushroom and putty. These versatile shades now serve as a canvas for an exciting mix of textures, colours, and patterns, resulting in warm and visually captivating spaces.


In 2024, we can expect a resurgence of comfort and coziness. In today's world, people are seeking serenity and finding solace in creating warm and inviting homes. This trend is all about creating a sense of comfort with layers of texture and soft colours. Velvet, chenille, and corduroy are the materials of choice, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to your living spaces. This layering of textures also includes natural materials and finishes to bring the outdoors in and add visual interest to spaces.

Lastly, the trend of not being on trend will gain popularity. Homeowners will embrace their personal style and mix elements from different eras and influences. It's all about creating a unique and personalized space that reflects individual tastes and preferences.

As we step into 2024, Boulevard Home is excited to help you transform your home with these captivating décor trends. Embrace the timeless elegance of the past while infusing it with your own modern touch. Let us guide you to create a space that truly feels like home.

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