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My Journey from Home-Based Business to Storefront

Picture this: soft music in the background, sunlight pouring in through big front windows, and the smell of fresh coffee lingering in the air. It's not just a cozy shop scene; it's my dream workspace. It all started in our family home and now finds its place in our local community. Let me share the story of Boulevard Home, and my journey from envisioning it, to opening our physical store, and the exciting dreams ahead.

Boulevard Home's story began with my love for interior design and décor. Back in the day, my bedroom was my creative haven, always changing with my ideas. I finished design school and worked in the industry a short time before starting a family and becoming a stay-at-home mom. As my kids grew older and became less dependent I began taking on projects to fulfill my creative interests. Working from home gave me the freedom to be available to my family when needed, all while connecting with an online community who shared my passion for beautiful living spaces.

I always dreamed of opening a small boutique, a one stop shop for the home, but I wanted it to be more than that, I wanted to create an experience for my customers. In 2019 I took part in the Airdrie Economic Development Smart Start Program. As part of the program, I conducted market research for opening the boutique, after completing my research I decided to take things slow and created a plan to test the vision. I launched an online boutique in November of 2019 to dip my toes in the water. I continued to offer design services and with the help of my social media platform, the website began to gain attention. 

With the success of the online boutique, I knew that I wanted to expand and offer a more personalized experience for my customers. So in the fall of 2021, I created a dedicated space in my basement for the "boutique" and started offering private shopping sessions. This allowed me to connect with my customers on a deeper level and provide them with a truly special shopping experience. I also began participating in local small business markets and trade shows to boost visibility and connect with customers.

The dream of opening a storefront never left my mind; I was constantly on the lookout for that perfect opportunity to turn it into a reality. I knew I wanted to make Airdrie the place where I opened the boutique because of my connection to the community and my love for its small-town charm. In March 2023, I stumbled upon our current spot and feel lucky to have been able to infuse my design style into it. The result; a space that truly embodies Boulevard Home's cozy and charming vibe, a place where every visitor feels at home. The boutique officially opened it's doors in June of 2023.

Over the past 9 months, we've had the pleasure of welcoming customers to our boutique. One of the most rewarding parts of having a physical store is connecting with our amazing customers, and guiding them on their decorating journey. We adore engaging with our community through hosting events and workshops, collaborating with fellow small businesses, and keeping the conversation going on social media. Our approach is all about keeping it personal - it's not just about sales, but about nurturing genuine relationships and fostering a community that goes beyond our storefront. We're here to empower you to craft spaces that truly reflect your individual style, creating havens where cherished memories with your loved ones can unfold. 

Our boutique opening is a step in our journey of growth, and we're excited to continue expanding our reach and impact. We believe that everyone deserves a space they can be proud of, and we aim to make that dream a reality for all of our customers. Exciting plans are ahead, and we're eager to see where this path leads. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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