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Zoom The Weekender Collection - S/S 2024 - Canvas Candle
Zoom The Weekender Collection - S/S 2024 - Canvas Candle
Zoom The Weekender Collection - S/S 2024 - Canvas Candle
Zoom The Weekender Collection - S/S 2024 - Canvas Candle

The Weekender Collection - S/S 2024 - Canvas Candle

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Crafted to bring you back to the core memories of summer, The Weekender Collection will have you excited to relive and experience all the quintessential moments that the longer days and warmer nights of Summer brings. So pack a bag, grab your favourite bevy, and get ready to live for the weekend, all summer long.


Sunkissed evokes the feeling of serene calm after a day at the beach. It's the linger of the salty air on your skin, the warmth you feel as you dig your toes into the sand, and the sense of carefree nostalgia that allows you to completely enjoy the moment as if nothing else exists. 


The fragrance opens with the crisp and invigorating aroma of tomato leaf, which lends a green and slightly earthy quality to this fragrance. The scent of fresh-cut cucumber follows closely, adding a refreshing and watery aspect reminiscent of a dew-kissed garden in the early morning. The lemon notes provide a vibrant contrast to the green and earthy elements, creating a harmonious balance that is both uplifting and rejuvenating.


Just like the experience of an afternoon at a winery, Vineyard has sophisticated richness to its fragrance. It opens up the intriguing aroma of tart plum that offers a vibrant juiciness that immediately captivates your sensed and leads into a complex Grenache blend followed by a velvety amber finish. Vineyard is like a complex wine that just keeps getting better as time passes! 

These candle comes in a heavy glass container with a natural cork lid and will burn for up to 50 hours

Proper Candle Care Instructions:
  • Store/display away from sunlight and changing temperature to avoid discolouration and damage to the candles
  • The first time you burn your new soy candle please make sure to burn long enough so the whole top becomes liquid wax
  • Before relighting your candle, always be sure to trim your wick to 1/8". This will ensure a longer and cleaner burn while keeping the flame under control
  • Never leave your candle unattended while burning and always burn your candle clear of obstructions such as furniture, lamps, plants, animals, and children.


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