Where I've Been and Where We're Going.

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet over here. There's no denying the past year has been a challenge for so many people and businesses. This spring was a challenge for me for various reasons, and I decided for my own mental health I needed to take a step back. I finished up all my open projects and put a pause on the boutique. I took some time to reflect, and dive into my why. Through this process, I discovered that as I became busier, I lost sight of my vision and it wasn’t until recently, that I was reminded of what that was.

designer looking at calendar

In all honesty it struck me when I came across a t-shirt design, you’ve probably seen it “(insert favorite thing) changed everything ”. At first I thought it would be cute, “Boulevard Home changed everything.” Because of course Boulevard Home changes everything when we come in and help you with a reno or redecorating project. We literally help you change your surroundings, but we also step in and help you change your process so that your project runs smoother, and in turn you’re happier, more relaxed, and when it’s all said and done, you feel more comfortable and at ease in your space, and, well, life is just generally better, everything changed.

I reflected on what it could really mean, the potential to actually “change everything” and make an impact in this world and my community, and that’s when it dawned on me how I strayed away from my original vision for this business.

It's my dream to create a boutique experience that is more than just shopping. I wanted to merge my creative background in interior design, with my love for creating a safe home, and caring community, adding in my desire to be a better inhabitant of this earth. I want to provide clients the education and tools needed to change the way they plan renovations, and shop for home furnishings, teaching them that the choices they make, impact our community, local economy and our earth.

Yes, I still want you to walk into your beautiful space and feel the joy and pride that comes along with it, I want you to have a space that speaks to you and makes you feel safe to be your own true self in, but I also want you to walk into your space feeling confident about what you put in it, that it is safe and healthy. I want you to have confidence in knowing where those things comes from, knowing you made a positive impact on someone or something in doing so.

So where does that take us? Well, for now I am doing my best to return to that original vision, educating myself, exploring new options and refining my company’s ideals. I’ll be reviewing my design processes, seeking out new vendors to include more locally made goods and environmentally conscious pieces. I’ll be focusing a little more time on the boutique side of things. Wrapping up the renovation on the new studio space to house the boutique, and brainstorming some new ideas and experiences for the boutique.

Although I won’t be taking on any large projects for the next little while, I’ll continue to help you curate unique spaces, which will also be comprised of sustainable finishes and furnishings. When I do start to take on more projects, I will be focusing on one at a time in order to ensure each project receives the attention it deserves, and I get a little bit of balance.

My clients and customers mean the world to me, and I absolutely love helping people. That will always remain. What’s important to note is that by making these small changes I truly hope that we can make a bigger impact and that Boulevard Home can change everything.

Interior Designer sitting on sofa looking at magazines