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When to Reach Out to an Interior Designer for Your Renovation or Build.

We sometimes get inquiries from clients that are just about to start a renovation or have already started and want immediate help. As a rule, we typically do not take on these types of projects because we feel the best results for the client comes from being a part of the process from the very beginning.
There are several items that need to be planned and thought out before construction can begin. Interior Designers review blueprints and floor plans and think about how your space will function. We consider furniture placement and how it affects the flow, architecture and the potential of each area of your home. We select finishes, furniture and art and keep your vision in mind for how things will come together in the end. Because we are keen on the details, we tend to obsess over the small things that are easily overlooked by the untrained eye, but we know will impact how your home functions and feels.
If you are planning a renovation or build you should be reaching out to a designer well ahead of any construction or demolitions begins. We like to have a large amount of planning done prior to the construction process. We work with your architect, contractor and trades to make sure everything is carefully planned and you get the best results possible.
You’ll want to reach out to a designer before you start making plans as they can help guide you along the process. Ideally up to 6 months to a year for larger products and several weeks to a few months for smaller scale projects. Creating a well-planned design scheme will not only make the end result beautiful and cohesive but will make the process run much smoother.
If you’re thinking about starting a design project and want some help pulling everything together contact us for more information on our Full-Service Packages. If you are looking for more of a DIY design help we offer both Design Style Guides (intended for reno’s and new builds) or Decorating Style Guides and would love to help you make your home your happy place.


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