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Simple Tips to Create a Backyard Getaway


Imagine yourself in your favorite sunny destination, lounging by the water and enjoying a little R & R. Now imagine that space is your own backyard. Not quite there yet? Here are some tips to get you there.

Consider Your Needs

First consider your needs, do you entertain regularly and need extra seating? Do you love to eat meals outside? What ever it may be create a list of needs, wants and then set it in order of you priorities, which of those aspects is most important to you? 

Create Zones

After creating the list above survey your space and consider what you have room for. Perhaps you have a large yard and want to have a lounging area, cooking zone, and a dining area. Or maybe you have a small apartment balcony, with a BBQ, but lounging is your priority and you also like to entertain occasionally, you may want to look at furniture that is multi-functional.

Privacy & Shade

In any setting a little privacy can help give you that secluded feel of a special getaway. Strategically placing your furniture in a space away from vehicle or foot traffic will give you that privacy. If that is not possible, consider building structures like privacy walls, or pergolas for some privacy and shade. If your space gets a lot of sun you may want to consider an exterior sunshade. As you are planting, strategic placement of greenery will not only help block out unwanted views but also supply some shade when you need to escape the heat.

Add Lush Plant Life

As mentioned greenery can help provide shade and privacy, but it can also create a calming effect. Layering plants, shrubs and trees will create texture and variety and will give your eye something to follow around your yard.

Layer in Comfy & Cozy

One of the best parts of vacation is the louging. Creating a space where you can kick your feet up and relax will give you the best vacay feel. Lounging furniture like sofas or chairs with ottomans, are nice but if you are tight on space you might consider anti-gravity chairs, or hammocks. 

Add Water

Research has shown that being near water can provide benefits for our mind and body, including lowering stress and anxiety and increasing an overall sense of well-being and happiness. If you're not near a body of water and don’t have the room or funds for a pool, you can still incorporate water into your space. Even if it’s a small pond, or a simple fountain. Here are some cool DIY fountains to check out and

Bonus Items

Don't forget these little extras that will make your space feel even more like a vacation. Music can set the mood and drown out unwanted bakground noise. Food can play a big role in how you feel, so make your favorite or order in if you can. Lighting shouldn't be overlooked, find ways to sublty add lighting to your space so you can enjoy it at anytime or day. You may crave a little quiet time and need to set some boundaries with the kiddos or want to laugh it up with some girl friends, whatever it may be, the people, or lack there of, you surround yourself with can make your space even more enjoyable.

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