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Five Tips to Consider When Styling Your Home

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could snap your fingers and your home would look like it just popped out of a magazine and be perfectly decorated, reflecting your personal style? Since that’s not exactly possible, aside from booking one of our Styling Sessions, we thought we’d share some simple tips for styling your home. So if you are starting from scratch or just need a little refresh, here are five of our favorite tips to help you through the decorating project.

By starting with a neutral base, you'll have more flexibility when it comes time to accessorize, and if you’re like us and like to change your accessories every once in a while, it will allow you to change the look of your space more easily. We like to keep bigger ticket items, like a sofa, neutral, you can even consider some of your accessories as neutrals, like baskets or boxes. Once you have your foundation in place, you can start adding décor to personalize the space and give it your own unique style.

Your home should be a reflection of who you are and how you live. So, when you're choosing pieces for your home, it's important to think about how you use your space and what will be easiest to work with. For example, if you have a busy household with small children, you might want to opt for more durable pieces that can withstand a little wear and tear, selecting pieces that function as toy storage, or ensuring breakables are out of reach. Ultimately, it's all about choosing pieces that reflect your personal style, and are functional for the daily requirements of that space, making your home into a place that you love coming back to and enjoy sharing with those you love.

Adding a statement piece to your space can make a big impact. Not only will it add personality and visual interest, but it can act as a starting point for your decorating plan. A statement piece draws attention within the space, which means too many bold items can quickly overwhelm a room, so it's generally best to stick to one key piece and use the remaining decor to compliment it. If you're not sure where to start, try considering something that has special meaning, reflects your interests and hobbies or brings you great joy. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style and taste, because it will have an impact on the rest of the items in the space and the space itself.

When it comes to interior decorating, one of the key things to keep in mind is the importance of creating visual contrast. This can be done in a number of ways, but one of our favorites is to use different textures and materials. For example, you might pair a natural seagrass basket with a soft woven throw or place a glazed piece of pottery on a rustic wood table. By layering different textures and materials, you can create an interesting and inviting space.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of interior decorating, thinking that it's something that has to be perfect from the start. However, the reality is that interior decorating is more about finding your personal style and what makes your space feel like your own. So don't be afraid to have fun with it - accessories are a great way to show off your personality and give your home some extra pizzazz.

A well-decorated home reflects your personal style and makes you feel happy, comfortable, and at ease. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to refresh your home décor, these five tips will help you create a space that perfectly represents you. If you need some help getting started and would like to book a design consult, our team is here to help. We can’t wait to see what beautiful spaces we can create together!


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