About Danielle


My name is Danielle, I am a wife and mother first and foremost, but I have recently decided to dedicate some time to my other love, Interior Design. I have always had a passion for design and the creative process. I grew up changing the layout and decor in my room on a regular basis, always keeping in touch with the latest trends. As I’ve grown my tastes have changed, I tend to shy away from trends and focus on designing timeless spaces that will grow with the user.

I graduated with honors from the Interior Design program at Lethbridge Community College, it was there that I fell in love with residential design. I love every step of the design process, the planning, selecting the finishes and following the construction progress. There is something satisfying about having all the pieces of a puzzle fall into place.

My design philosophy’s foundation is simplicity and elegance. I am drawn to neutral palettes with lots of texture and I crave a little bit of luxury in each space, rich fabrics and natural materials. I feel a space should reflect who you are but still be inviting to those you share it with.

I am excited to share this journey with you. Follow along as I share some of the projects I will be working on, some design tips, ideas and inspiration and if your lucky maybe even a little DIY. Check back often for new ideas and content or subscribe below!

About Boulevard Home

Boulevard Home ~ Interiors & Design is a design boutique passionate about creating a positive design experience for clients by providing them with impeccable service, reliable and sound design advice, and offering quality, Canadian made furniture, local and custom artwork, and unique home accessories.

I offer design consultations, guidance through renovations, and assistance to other designers. I work collaboratively with the client, and key contributors to navigate the design process, and develop spaces that are beautiful and functional.

Let’s make home your happy place, I want you to kick back after a long day, enjoy the company of people you love and take pride in your perfectly curated space.